Monday, July 16, 2012

New Bathroom Faucets

Counter tops provide additional workspace in the bathroom. Wood is not recommended for bathrooms as it can be damaged by the moisture, so use synthetic material resistant to water, moisture and dampness for bathroom countertops. Bathroom countertops are generally custom made and can be tailored to your bathroom design in terms of color, pattern, size and shape. Thus, they usually take a back seat in bathroom decorating and are made only to provide a workspace near a major fixture such as shower, whirlpool, bath tub or vanity sink. Plastic laminates that are water resistant and are quite decorative are quite popular for bathroom countertops and come in many different finishes and looks ranging from low luster to metallic to high gloss.

Plastic laminated bathroom vanity countertops are generally available with recessed sinks with self rims and under-mounted bowls. However, plastic countertops can get damaged by excessive heat and can sustain scratches from sharp objects or damages from ceramic or abrasive things dragged across them and are not suitable for bathrooms that are accessible by kids. They are easy to clean using soft, non-abrasive cloth and a mild household cleaner but scouring pads, abrasive powders, steel wool and sandpaper can scratch their surface. They can be easily stained too and that too permanently by dyes and other staining products and one needs to apply self cleaning wax periodically to avoid such stains.

They are economical and may prove long lasting, if used very carefully but water seeping in the seams and under sink edges can cause the laminate to separate by damaging the substrate. Thus, they may prove cumbersome to maintain. Bathroom marble countertops look elegant, are functional and have wide range of colors and styles. Cultured marble and cultured onyx is quite popular for bathroom countertops. It has a rugged, hard, waterproof and stain-resistant surface. They can be easily repaired and a little sanding and polishing the countertop can make it glisten like new. The common problem with bathroom marble countertops was crazing or formation of hairline cracks, which has been solved by cultured marble option.
It is easy to clean and polish and a protective coat of wax provides the perfect finish to marble countertops. Avoid using abrasives and scouring powders on these countertops as they can dull its shine. Corian is one of the expensive options for countertops and is made up of an advanced blend of natural materials and pure acrylic polymer. It has a smooth surface, comes in variety of colors, is nonporous, is resistant to mold, mildew or bacteria and resistant to moisture and stains. Corian bathroom countertops are easy to clean and maintain, hypoallergenic, nontoxic and chemically non-reactive. It offers three countertop finishes - matte, semi gloss and gloss. However, heat-generating appliances or hot pans should always be kept on a hot pad or trivet or it can damage its surface.

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